4000 Fijians to benefit from the new Rewa foot crossing

Rewa villagers enjoying their new concrete and access foot crossing. Picture: SUPPLIED

APPROXIMATELY 4000 Fijians from the 12 villages within the Rewa Province will benefit from the new concrete access and foot crossing which was commissioned last Saturday by the Assistant Minister for Rural and Maritime Development, Jale Sigarara.

The Rewa Tikina Access Project that was funded by Government through the Office of the Commissioner Central has lifted the standard of living to the villagers with the provision of accessible and safe access at all times.

School children now walk across the upgraded footpath on their own with no risks at all.

Disabled people can also utilize the access due to proper footpath formation with easier accessibility and sick to Nursing Station.

The three primary schools who are now benefiting from it include Nukui District School, Rewa District School, St Joseph Catholic School and Rewa Secondary School.

The first part of the project named as Rewa Tikina Community Access costs $27,075.16 while the second part named as Burenivalu Community Access costs $36,391.47 with a total project cost of $63,466.63.

While addressing the Rewa Tikina in his opening address, Mr Sigarara highlighted three upcoming projects that will be carried out in Rewa including the new access road from Rewa to Vutia village, a new water source from Viria and Seawall and river bank protection project.

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