40 skilled graduates

Picture: Ministry of Youth and Sports

EMPOWERING youths to become successful skilled individuals is what the Nasau Youth Training Centre in Sigatoka is all about. In December last year, 40 students from the training centre graduated with Certificates in Organic Agriculture and Carpentry.

With trade skill on high demand now in the country, it was only fitting for these young individuals to get trained in trade skills that would secure them paid jobs in the agriculture and building sector. Out of the 40 students who graduated last month, 29 walked away as organic agriculture graduates while 11 became trained carpenters.

The centre allows these students with vocational training that will ensure their career development and sustainable self-employment and the opportunity to pursue economically viable enterprises in the future. Ministry of Youth and Sports director, Philip Hereniko was chief guest at the event.

Mr Hereniko congratulated the students for their hardwork and commitment and thanked them for their perseverance. He presented the certificates to the graduates who completed the 10-month program.

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