354 hybrid cars to arrive soon

Sakura Carz would like to reassure its customers that the recent recall of the Toyota Prius 2016/2017 models last week will not affect business.

Sakura has highlighted the issue concerning the recall as customers call for clarifications after news was released on the matter.

“The recall only affects Toyota car dealers and not pre-used car dealers,” the company said.

“We normally sell 2008 to 2012 models at our yard.”

Also great news, Sakura Carz is bringing in 354 hybrid cars this weekend with amazing deals.

Not only will you be saving cash on fuel expenses with these pre-used hybrids, you will also reduce carbon emission giving Fiji a better chance in tackling the issue of climate change.

Sakura Carz says this will be one of the largest quantities of hybrid that they import into the country. This allows better buying price and lower freight charges. “With the pending introduction of duty next year, people can save $2000 if they buy a new vehicle now.

The company said a total of 354 hybrids were expected and to make the best use while stocks last.

It also boasts friendly staff service.

Be one of the lucky ones to get your hands on a new pre-used car at Sakura, with the company continuously stocking up on vehicles that will suit your need.

Sakura Carz, also known for its experience in car retailer business, also assists customers who bank with the “blue bank” or “green bank”.

Deposit rates are as low as 10 per cent. All you need is an ID, TIN number, pay slip and written bank statement and if it is a taxi, a copy of a taxi permit is required.

Sakura Carz is a subsidiary company of Motorparts. Get down to Sakura Carz today and choose the car of your dreams.

For more information, visit Sakura Carz at Samabula, call on 9991287or email on sakuraviti@gmail.com.

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