306 children with special needs screened

Update: 4:49PM SCREENINGS play a vital role in determining if a child is able to hear properly at an early age.

This was
revealed by Frank Hilton Organisation chief executive officer, Sureni Perera,
who said they were able to screen 306 children from
six special schools during their  week long screening project.

to the school rolls, we had anticipated 600
children to be screened. We saw a large number of absenteeism in schools and
some children were not consented by their parents to participate in the
screening,” Ms Perera said.

“We were lucky to have an Otolaryngologist amongst our team who was able to treat approximately 60
children on site. Others identified with Otitis media, which again if left
untreated may cause hearing loss, were referred to hospitals for treatment.”

She said the Audiologist and the Otolaryngologist
would review the data and compile reports.

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