$305k-plus to remove two derelict vessels: Fiji Ports

Twenty derelict vessels are yet to be removed from ports' boundaries around the country. Picture: FT FILE

THE Fiji Ports Corporation Limited (FPCL) has spent more than $305,000 in removing two derelict vessels from the Suva harbour.
FPCL chief executive officer Vjira Piyasena said the two vessels were the MV Sea Love and MV Tovuto, which were removed between 2015 and 2016.
“The first one was MV Tovuto, which was a former government vessel and sold to scrap metal dealers, which cost FPCL over $220,000 to remove this vessel,” Mr Piyasena said.
“(The) second vessel was the MV Sea Love, which cost over $85,000,” Mr Piyasena said.
He said the removal of the derelict vessel MV Southern Phoenix, which sank in the Suva harbour on May 6 last year, would begin from August this year.

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