$300k for accident victims

Picture: FILE

Three student nurses who were injured in an accident in Labasa on June 16, 2015 have been awarded $300,368 by the High Court in Labasa.

In his August 7 ruling, Justice Lyone Seneviratne ordered the driver of the vehicle, Bale Lee, and vehicle owner Gordon Leewai jointly pay Usebia Ciba, Anaseini Diroko and Rosa Raivukici.

Mr Bale fell asleep while driving the vehicle the three were travelling in causing it to veer off the road, causing injuries to all.

He was found guilty in the Magistrates Court and sentenced to five months in prison.

The court noted Mr Lee and Mr Leewai opted not to participate at the trial and were absent throughout.

“Their counsel, Mr Sarju Prasad, informed the court that the 1st and 2nd defendants would not participate at the trial and that they admit liability,” stated Justice Seneviratne.

The highest amount of $150,000 was awarded to Usebia Ciba because she had not fully recovered from injury to her bladder.

Rosa Raivukici was awarded $75,000 because of physical challenges that would affect her ability to perform her duties as a medical personnel.

Anaseini Diroko, who was five months pregnant at the time of the accident and had to undergo an emergency caesarean procedure, was awarded $60,000.

The court also ordered Ms Ciba be paid $2400, Ms Diroko $1920 and Ms Raivukici $2048 as special damages.

Justice Seneviratne also ruled the three receive $3000 in court costs.

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