3-way race in poll, says street cobbler

Michael Anand Nair busy repairing shoes at Sigatoka town Picture: BALJEET SINGH

THIS year’s election battle will be a tight one between the FijiFirst party, Social Democratic Liberal Party and the National Federation Party, says a cobbler.

This is the view of Michael Anand Nair who runs a shoe repair business in Sigatoka Town.

The 47-year-old has been stitching shoes for the past five years, however, he says he has a very fair understanding of Fiji’s political landscape.

He said from his own observations in Sigatoka and gauging from what is happening around the country, he believed the 2018 polls would be an interesting tussle between the three major political parties.

While painstakingly giving broken shoes a new lease of life on a street corner, Mr Nair keeps up-to-date with the latest developments on the political front via his trusty transistor radio.

He listens every hour and gets updates in the lead-up to the 2018 General Election.

And his morning ritual involves buying a copy of the newspaper because he never wants to miss out on election updates.

“For sure, the battle this year will be a tight one between the three major parties — FijiFirst, SODELPA and NFP,” Mr Nair said.

“I respect all the political parties and may the good party that looks after our welfare win.

“People should also understand that when a party is running government, they can’t do everything at once, and everything will take time; we just need to be patient.”

He acknowledged the FijiFirst Government for the free education and bus fare schemes which eased some burdens and allowed him to send his three children to school.

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