3 floods in 9 days

BA Town and communities surrounding the Ba River were once again submerged yesterday, the inundation after midday caused by high tide and rain that accompanied Severe Tropical Cyclone Keni.

Residents of Yalalevu, whose homes suffered extensive damage during the Easter weekend downpours, said water came rushing in from both the Namosau Creek and Ba River.

Floodwaters also swamped the roads leading to Ba Town, cutting off access from both ends of the Ba bridge.

The town was also inundated for the third time in nine days.

Resident Varun Lal said the flood was a headache for many who had to clean their homes several times.

“We keep cleaning our houses and think it’s over, still flood keeps coming,” he said.

Mr Lal said more than 200 families were affected in Yalalevu and along Moto Rd.

He said household furniture was also a big cost for many people.

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