$2m solar project

IN their efforts to help in the fight against climate change, Ashabhai & Co Ltd and Narhari Electrical Co Ltd have partnered to work on a $2 million solar power project, which will be executed in three phases with installation to commence early next year.

The solar power project is for Ashabhai’s main distribution centre and headquarters ar Karsanji St in Vatuwaqa.

Ashabhai director Harish Patel said they had a long tradition of supporting the people of Fiji, the Government and the region, and this was a step further in supporting the global fight against climate change.

“Especially at this junction of Fiji holding the presidency of COP23, this was Ashabhai’s gesture of support,” Mr Patel said.

The project will be supported and financed by Bank of Baroda.

Narhari managing director Arun Harikisun said Narhari had the vision to bring “smiles from dawn to dusk”, and with their legacy of serving the nation for more than 65 years with their wide range of products and services, they were on track to support the COP23 vision with their new business domain of promoting green energy.

“With our solar business team led by energy consultant Pawan Bajpai, we are not only ensuring the supply of quality solar products by our pioneer suppliers Delta Energy and Jinko, but we are also contributing to the nation’s growth by developing skilled resources and promoting awareness for the use of renewable energy,” said Mr Harikisun.

A statement from the companies said the first phase would be a 200KWp on-grid system that would see Ashabhai generating energy of 260MWH per year and avoiding carbon emission of about 150 tonnes annually.

Meanwhile Mr Bajpai said on-grid solar power system will help in making savings on electricity consumption during the day time, with expected recovery of investment in five to eight years and will not only help in stabilising the power tariff for the next 25 years, but also help in reducing the business operating cost and carbon footprint.

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