$2m medical clinic

THE advice given to him by his father as a youngster continues to be the driving force behind the success of Dr Zen Min Low’s growing empire of medical service.

At the opening of his fourth diagnostic, imaging and medical treatment facility in Mana St, Lautoka — a $2 million investment — he spoke at length about how his one-man 1999 operation began and grew to the demands of the people in the Western Division.

“I am very proud to open this modern 24-hour medical centre which has state-of-the-art imaging facilities, which my clinic in Nadi does not even have including the multi-slice CT Scan machine,” he said.

“This is the first 24-hour private medical and imaging centre in Lautoka and while the investment into the property was substantial, it is the investment for the people that I’m proud of.

“We are investing into the health and wellbeing of the people of Lautoka and I hope the new facility meets and exceeds the expectations of the people of the Sugar City.”

From his first self-run clinic in Nadi in 1999, that later expanded into a 24-hour medical practice in 2006, opening of the Namaka clinic in 2012 and another in Denarau in 2014 to the Lautoka centre’s opening last week, Dr Zen has attributed his success to the advice given him by his dad.

“Before I took up medicine, my dad who was a doctor advised me against it.

“He said ‘you have to make a lot of sacrifices if you want to be a doctor and you must remember this — if you do take up medicine, you must serve your clients just as if you were attending to your own family’ .

“In Chinese there is a saying that a doctor’s role is like a mother to a child — there must be that much of love and affection, empathy and trust.

“Dad said ‘if you cannot do that, then don’t become a doctor.’

“Those words have always been a mantra that has kept me grounded and committed to the profession I have chosen to follow.

“And where we are today as a medical service organisation is because of the advice my father gave me — that I have tried to impart to my team.

“This is something that we were put in the world to do. We are all here to serve and to serve with sincerity and wholeheartedness.

“And my father also taught me to make use of every second because time is something you don’t get back.

“Make good use of it. And this is what I try to motivate my staff to do for every person that enters the doors of our clinics — that we serve each one as if they are a member of our family.

“And, in my view, whatever comes after service is secondary. You will reap the rewards if your commitment to the task at hand is always 100 per cent.”

The brand new Zen Medical and Imaging Centre is located at Khan’s Complex, 10 Mana St, Lautoka City.

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