24-hour wait for team changes

ANY changes to the Fiji Team for the Sydney leg will be made today by Vodafone Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan.

Ryan said they did the test that needed to be done yesterday, and everyone had a pool session except for Jerry Tuwai.

As they gear-up to defending the Australian title, Ryan said another 24 hours would allow him to see if changes are needed.

“We had a good pool session. The only one missing was Jerry who just had a bit of a cold again. These kids are getting that, and he needs to manage himself a little bit more and eat a little bit better,” Ryan said.

“We’ll see what happens with him with selection this week. The rest of the boys with Sevu who has a grade 1 ankle injury. You grade ankle injuries from 1-3. His head is okay, it wasn’t concussed, but a grade 1 is tough and go so we’ll see in the next 24 hours if he’s okay or not.”

Ryan said Viliame Mata was ther as replacement.

“Viliame Mata is someone I’ve said already will come to join the Sydney team. We’ve got a couple of others as well. We might bring in to freshen it up, because obviously Fiji with the huge Fijian crowd, the short hop across over the water, it’s there now for us. Our major goal is to try and knock that one off.”

As they flew out of Wellington yesterday bound for Sydney, Ryan said he was pleased that they were ahead of schedule in how they finished last year at Wellington.

“We only got fifth place here last year so we’ve moved up and we’re about nine and 10 points better than we were on the series last year, that’s pleasing but obviously it still hurts, what happened in the semi-final and how badly we lost.”

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