$24.1m allocated for PM’s office

A TOTAL of $158,000 has been allocated for the upgrade of the Prime Minister’s official residence.

This allocation is part of the $24.1 million set aside for the Office of the Prime Minister in the 2018/2019 budget.

The upgrade of the PM’s official residence was highlighted in the 2018/2019 budget kit.

The report states that the residence suffers from serious structural defects because of age and construction work continuing to prevent further deterioration of the residence.

Also, $8m was allocated for the construction of a new office complex for the Office of the Prime Minister.

The report in the budget kit said the PM’s office was one of the most heavily trafficked government buildings by the public.

It said the construction of the new building would enhance service delivery at the PM’s Office to which Fijians could be better served and supported.

The $24.1m comprises $14.3m for operating expenditure, $9.3m for capital expenditure and VAT of $500,000. $8.2m was allocated under Head 50 for construction and upgrading work.

A sum of $2m was allocated for the upgrade and construction of the Office of the President to address urgent maintenance and construction of aging facility at the president’s office, which include administration block and support service facilities.

Apart from the $2m allocation, another $3m was allocated for the continuing upgrade of the State House.

“Which is necessary to restore and preserve the historic residence, which was built in 1928,” the report said.

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