Principal sent home

A SCHOOL principal in the North has been sent home after he was investigated for allegedly assaulting a student.

Police had earlier confirmed that a report was lodged at the Labasa Police Station in June and investigations were in progress.

Police had also confirmed that the principal is alleged to have assaulted the student during class when they celebrated the festival of Holi.

It is understood the student had colourful powder on his face and the teacher allegedly hit the student’s face and told him to wash out the powder.

The school management has confirmed the incident.

School parent and executive Aisake Galodamu said they met the principal before he left the school compound last week.

He described the principal as a dedicated teacher who had done a lot of good things for the school.

“We believe the principal didn’t assault the student as earlier expressed by the complainants to police, except that he only touched the student’s face,” he said.

“We are not happy with the decision because exams are around the corner and parents will have queries which the principal can attend to.

“The parents and management of the school hope that the remaining teachers can step up to the call and ensure our children pass well in their exams.”

The Ministry of Education confirmed the situation but refused to comment further.

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