23 Fijians graduate in China

TWENTY-three Fijians graduated from various universities in Beijing, China last week.

Among the 23 was Jerry Kumar, a 25-year-old who graduated with a Masters degree in Renewable Energy and Clean Energy from the North China Electric Power University.

Mr Kumar was awarded a scholarship in May 2015 from the Chinese Scholarship Council to study in China. “I am very happy as it is a dream come true and describing it in words will hardly do justice,” he said.

Mr Kumar plans to broaden the scope of solar energy in Fiji and help with the current energy crisis.

He said it was through hard work and perseverance alone that made him achieve his dream. “Never stop believing in yourself and do not give up on your dreams. Stay focused and give it your utmost best. “Grades alone do not define your capabilities but acquired knowledge does.”

He also said studying in a foreign land such as China was a huge challenge for him. “I had never seen or been to China before, it was a challenge for me.

“Communication barrier in terms of language, having to stay away from family and loved ones and seasonal changes (weather) especially winter seasons were other challenges I had faced.

“I thank the Almighty Lord for his blessings upon my life. “I would not make it this far without him. “I also thank my parents for their prayers and support and my partner for her love throughout the journey.”

Mr Kumar has urged youths to never stop believing in themselves and not give up on their dreams. “Stay focused and give it your utmost best,” he added.