2294 more for welfare scheme

A TOTAL of 2294 Fijians are new additions to the poverty benefit scheme under the Ministry of Women, Children and Poverty Alleviation.

The ministry received a budget of $113.4million with the allocation for the scheme increased from $23.3m to $38.1m.

The maximum household benefit will also increase from $160 to $177 per household, inclusive of the $50 food voucher.

The social pension scheme now targets persons aged 65 years and over that do not have any form of income or superannuation received an allocation of $37.2m

This includes elderly aged persons from 60-years and above will continue to be assisted with 50 per cent bus fare concessions to ease the cost of travel.

“Many of these elderly people are not getting adequate support from their families, and the need for support from a dependent, so we have doubled the pension Madam Speaker from $50 to $100 per month,” Minister for Economy Aiyaz Sayed-Khaiyum said last week

Meanwhile, the food voucher program for 2076 mothers is now $1.6m, with the $30 worth of food voucher now increased to $50 per month.

The National Council of Older Persons also received an allocation of $345,000, which is to be used for the implementation of the National Aging Policy.

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