Rugby boost for Grammar

At the Scots College Sydney Roosters jersey donation at Suva Grammar School are, from left, George Fonua (BlueBus Revolution), Nancy Heritage (SGS Old Scholars), Segran Pillay (principal), Heath Thacker (BlueBus Revolution) and Filipe Corerega (Grammar Rise Up) in Suva. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

SUVA Grammar School received a major boost from Scots College of Australia which gave them some playing equipment through the Blue Bus Revolution team, says principal Segran Pillay. The Blue Bus Revolution is an organisation based in Australia which helps companies transform at the leadership, team and organisational level to develop the culture of excellence from a healthy sector to the manufacturing sector, banks, military and the energy sector.

The founder and head coach George Fonua said the balls and jerseys were given by the Scots College.

“I have been in Australia for more than 30 years and I have started the Blue Bus Revolution for the Asia-Pacific region, helping the organisation to the best they can be.

“In Australia, we have been working with Baka College and it is about getting the students at the best they can be,” Fonua said.

“We are trying to ingrain through mind-set is the growth mind-set versus fixed mind-sets so the growth to fixed mind-set is when the things are tough then you say the best it is going to be and it is going to be worse from here.

“The growth mind-set is that it is the worst it can be, but I can make it better. “It can make a difference in the performance outcome,” he said.

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