2022 General Election: ‘We will change Fiji’ – PA candidate

People's Alliance candidate Sadasivan Naicker former claimed many Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI) management members felt sidelined after not being given the opportunity to govern the schools their ancestors had built. Picture: Supplied

We may only be a year old but we will change Fiji, change the style of leadership and we can do this because we are inclusive.

This was the message from The People’s Alliance candidate Sadasivan Naicker to the people of Narere during a rally on Thursday night.

The former Then India Sanmarga Ikya Sangam (TISI) national president said The People’s Alliance was ready to deliver the changes that Fiji needed but the onus was on every Fijian to go out and vote them in.

Mr Naicker said he joined The People’s Alliance party as he believed it was the party the people could trust and the party that would bring about change.

“We don’t boast,” he said.

“It is a one year old party but it is the one that will bring change to this nation, this one year old party will bring change to leadership and be very inclusive of its supporters.”

He said the election next Wednesday would be the most important one Fiji had ever had as people had been waiting 16 years for change.

Mr Naicker also assured voters that existing schemes such as the bus fare subsidies and social welfare payments would not be removed should the party get elected into power.

“We want everyone to live peacefully in this country and love each other. This is the people’s party, this is your party and we will listen to you.”

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