2022 General Election: Power is in our hands – Borosio

Rusiate Borosio. Picture: SOPHIE RALULU

Rusiate Borosio believes Fiji needs a government that practises the principles of democracy including respect for citizens’ human rights.

He made the comment at his home village of Lagi, in Macuata as villagers cast their votes during the fourth day of pre-polling voting in the Northern Division.

The 69-year-old bachelor said the politics of past years must change if Fiji and its people want to live in a true democracy.

Showing his stained finger, Mr Borosio said he was proud to take part in choosing a government.

“Personally, I make it my business to closely follow local politics and understand topical issues, ” he said.

“I’ve realised that some politicians say things that make people in rural areas get worked up. The worst among these are statements that are untrue but drive fear in us.”

Mr Borosio has remained single all his life. Being a bachelor at 69 is a rarity these days but the well-informed man has his reasons.

“When I left school, my parents were growing old so I had to look after them,” he said.

“In those days we had deep respect for our parents, so I guess I had to choose between them and getting married. I chose to remain single.”

Mr Borosio said voting in a very contentious election made him understand how powerful his vote was.

“Power is in our hands and we must exercise that power responsibly by choosing the right government made up of the right leaders.”

“The standard of living in rural areas should be improved. We also lag behind in business and economic prosperity, a visionary government should change that status.”

When asked what qualities he wanted to see in his prime minister, he said he wanted a PM who was grounded in strong virtues.

“My ideal PM is someone who cares for people in need, respects the differences we have and listens to our cries.”

Lagi Village has a population of 183, of whom 103 are registered voters.

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