2022 General Election: ‘People are not poweless’ – Naidu

Suva lawyer Richard Naidu. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

People are not powerless in a “real” democracy, says prominent Suva-based lawyer Richard Naidu.

Speaking to this newspaper during an interview, Mr Naidu was asked why citizens should take an active interest in politics.

“I think people have got to understand that they are not powerless in a real democracy,” he said.

“They’re not powerless. They have to think about the health of their parents and education of their kids and why there’s no water in the taps, and ultimately that all comes back to politics, but they have to actually believe that they can do something about it. You know, in countries like Australia and New Zealand, the UK, members of Parliament, ministers, even the prime minister, they’re out every weekend, meeting their constituents. Constituents are asking them to deliver things.

” He said the MPs in those countries understood that if they did not work for the people, they would be thrown out and that was the accountability aspect of a democracy which allowed people and ordinary citizens to get close to government through the members of Parliament.

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