2022 General Election: ‘It’s over, I’ve done it’

First-time voters, Katarina Vatanisomo, 21, and Vitorina Veikoso, 21, and Lonisa Baleisuva, 21, pose for a picture after voting at the Kilaka polling station in Kubulau, Bua. Picture: Sophie Ralulu

THREE girls from Kilaka Village in Kubulau, Bua, were on top of the world after successfully casting their votes for the first time on Tuesday.

They eagerly showed off their inked little fingers to tell Fiji and the world.

“I feel so relieved to have finally voted,” said Vitorina Veikoso.

“It had been like a burden on me for some time but it’s over. I’ve done it.

“I am a Fiji National University student and I want a government that will invest in education and create jobs.”

Lonisa Baleisuva said she was happy to have played her part in helping choose a government to look after the people of Fiji for the next four years.

“Young people like me are looking for a good leader, someone they can count on to lead them into the future.”

Louisa and Vitorina plan to take up a career in teaching.

Kilaka Village headman Suliano Veikoso, 33, said it was encouraging to see a lot of youths and first-time voters turn up to vote.

“Young people are the future leaders of this country and it is important that they vote,” Mr Veikoso said.

“It’s no use grumbling and complaining about the government after the elections if they do not play their part in choosing one. Now is the chance!”

Katarina Vatunisomo said she was relieved to have voted because everyone had been reminding her about it.

“Voting made me feel powerful. It made me realise that I matter and the country needs me to carry out my duty as a citizen of this country.”

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