2022 General Election: ‘It’s important to vote’ – Vukasau

Nasivikoso villager Fereniki Vukasau arrives on horseback to cast his vote at Nasivikoso village in the Ba higghlands. Picture: SITERI SAUVAKACOLO

FERENIKI Vukasau left his farmhouse in the interior of Ba at 4am Wednesday and travelled on horseback for three hours to cast his vote during pre-polling for the 2022 General Election at Nasivikoso Village.

The 61-year-old was one of the first in the village to vote and said he did so with pride.

The farmer said voting was the only way of showing his appreciation to national leaders for looking after the plight of ordinary Fijians.

Mr Vukasau said he hoped his vote would ensure the high cost of transportation — an issue that continued to affect his community — could be addressed. He said farmers like him paid more than $80 a way to travel to Nadi to sell produce at the market.

“For me personally, it is important to vote and I have been doing so all these years because I believe it is my duty,” Mr Vukasau said.

“I have been a farmer all my life and even though I live in the interior, I always keep myself updated with what is happening in the nation by listening to the news via my small transistor radio.

“What better way to appreciate the government than to vote and I’m glad that I am able to do so again this year.”

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