2022 General Election glitch ‘a human error’; FEO puts out preliminary finding

2022 General Election officials take out the ballot boxes from the container under the watchful eyes of police officers at the Vodafone Arena carpark. Picture: FT FILE/ATU RASEA

The preliminary investigations conducted by the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) internally has discovered the glitch that happened during the 2022 General Election counting process, was because of human error.

Acting Supervisor of Elections Ana Mataiciwa revealed this last Friday.

“Internally, we did the preliminary investigation and there was human error that was discovered,” Ms Mataiciwa said.

“A-G (Attorney-General), through Cabinet, they’re doing another audit. With that, we are all awaiting the decision from the Cabinet, so we’ll just take our cue from there.

“This is a preliminary investigation that we did internally. It’s with the auditors that will be doing the audit again on the system.

“That is independent.”

On the issue of amendment of electoral laws, she said they were in liaison with the Solicitor-General’s office.

“Although they’re spearheading this, what we’ve done is that we’ll take also a consultative approach.

“So, in the coming months, we’re looking at June and July, we’ll be working with our stakeholders first, just to have feedback from them on things that need to change, and then we’ll move it to the other stakeholders as well.

“So that is coming up for the month of June and July.”

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