2022 General Election: Family rises early for poll

Couple Alivereti Nasokia and Senimili Bawale with their four-month-old baby on their way to vote in the Ba Highlands. Picture: Siteri Sauvakacolo

ALIVERETI Nasokia and Senimili Bawale carried their four-month-old baby and walked three kilometres to cast their vote during pre-polling for 2022 General Election at Nasivikoso Village in the highlands of Ba yesterday.

Despite the scorching heat, the couple said it was worth it because it was their way of having a voice in government.

With an umbrella, a small backpack and baby safe in mum’s hands, the family set off on foot soon after breakfast to the village and ensured they would be back home well before darkness fell.

“We have voted and we are both very happy that we did today,” Mr Nasokia said.

“We marked today’s pre-polling date in our small calendar at home and we made sure we were up early to come over and vote.”

Mr Nasokia said he was a farmer and travelled at least once a month to Nadi to sell his produce.

He shared that voting was also a way for him to let national leaders know the harsh realities of life in the Ba highlands.

Mr Nasokia said the high cost of travelling to sell his produce at the Nadi market was something farmers like him have endured for many years.

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