2019/2020 Budget: Academic urges journos to be critical

JOURNALISTS who were part of the Fijian Media Association/PACMAS budget reporting workshop. Picture: SUPPLIED/FILE

JOURNALISTS need to critically assess their approach to the coming budget and question whether the budget achieves its fiscal objectives or not.

This was stressed by Fiji National University’s MBA program executive director Dr Rohit Kishore while addressing journalists on understanding the politics of the budget during the Fijian Media Association/PACMAS budget reporting workshop in Suva yesterday.

“My take on any government budget is to see the overall objective which is to efficiently manage the economy and provide accountability for public funds,” he said.

Journalists, he said, also needed to look at the accountability and transparency of the budget.

“It’s public money, no government in this world has money, it’s taxpayers money, not only for our government, but any government around the world. It’s public fund and therefore transparency and accountability becomes absolutely critical.”

Another aspect of the budget, he shared, was that journalists needed to look at the economic development and if it commensurated with the size of government’s expenditure. He said it was very critical to know if there was too much expenditure and quickly assess what was the economic development and where the money was going.

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