2018 RWC 7s: The ‘8th man’

The SouthBay Davui assistance to the Fiji 7s team. Picture: SUPPLIED

SOUTHBAY Davui through its donors have has donated close to $200,000 to the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team since 2014.

The Good Samaritan started its partnership with the outgoing Fiji 7s coach Ben Ryan and their latest donation was made to the Gareth Baber-coached side in Utah on Sunday before the side departed for the world cup in San Francisco.

The group stated that the recent donation would be their last but would remain true Fiji 7s fans.

“This will also mark the end of our work with Fiji 7s.

“We remain proud Fijians and grateful for the small opportunity we had to make a difference,” Southbay Davui released.

“Southbay Davui was created by three Fijians who found each other by chance in Hermosa Beach, CA. “While our meeting might have been random our passion to give back to the Fijian community was not — each one of our members grew up or lived in Fiji at some point in our lives and has witnessed firsthand the poverty and economic struggles our family, friends and country men face on a regular basis. “The desire to re connect to our people led to the creation of our non-profit organisation. “This will also mark the end of our work with Fiji 7s. We remain proud Fijians and grateful for the small opportunity we had to make a difference.”

Southbay Davui thanked all its donors who have made their project a successful one.

“We also take this opportunity to thank all our previous donors.”

“You have all been awesome backing Fiji 7s needs and we hope to meet up with you all (and grab a drink) in San Francisco. “One more tournament to go before we complete our donor funded assistance for Fiji 7s. Since our inception in 2014 we have had the honour of working alongside our Global Donors and directly with the Fiji 7s teams under the directive of Ben Ryan and Gareth Baber.

“Southbay Davui headed to Utah on Sunday to make its final presentation on behalf of our current global donors who have raised funds for the purchase of game recovery and injury prevention gears. Purpose of Southbay Davui “We’re a non-profit organisation created to develop a global business network that creates pathways for Fiji. Through this network our goal is to give back and improve the life of our Fijian people through charitable projects in areas of sports, education and business mentoring programs. Our current project is sports related. Despite Fiji being recognised as a major contributor to the global growth of rugby, Fiji’s competitors continue to remain millions of dollars ahead in rugby funding. February 2015 we’re fundraising for our Fiji sevens rugby team’s journey in qualifying for rugby’s first ever appearance in the Olympics, Rio 2016. Bula donors and fans.”

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