2018 RWC 7s: High altitude training

The Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team train in Utah, US, last week. Picture: SUPPLIED

THE high altitude training in Utah will play a vital role for the Fiji Airways Fiji 7s team in the Rugby World Cup Sevens assault.

Head coach Gareth Baber said the training would help the players adjusted to the high pressure games.

He said most renowned athletes in the United States used the high altitude training to best prepare them for top class competition.

“There are lot of international athletes that come and train in this area,”said Baber.

“Mainly is to overwork their system and improve their body abilities. “Obviously whatever level of altitude you play in. Your body will have the ability to sustain the pressure. “It has been interesting to the players and the effects it has on them – you will notice the difference when you go down to the sea level.”

Baber said the boys have responded to the training.

“When we drop down on Monday the boys will reap the benefit of what they have been doing with an open mind.” He said the players would dwell on past world cup results and reputation. “As for the world cup we don’t want to pick past history but what is in front of you and that is a tough challenge,” he added.

The team will play its first game either against Uruguay or Japan on Saturday.

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