2018 RWC 7s: Family support

Fiji Airways Fiji 7s head coach Gareth Baber and his sons. Picture: SUPPLIED

LIKE any other sportsperson, family plays an integral part of Fiji Airways Fiji 7s head coach Gareth Baber’s rugby career.

The Welshman is always inspired by his wife Danielle and three children Amy, Adam, and Steffan to focus on his job despite numerous criticisms copped from rugby fans every time the national side loses a game.

Baber said his family were always hurt when their dad copped criticism but it failed to deter him from giving his best for his adopted nation — Fiji.

“My inspiration is my family — my wife and kids who have been here in Fiji and we have settled in life,” he said.

“That is a big transformation for them being a coach’s wife and kids and sometimes it’s hard for them — it brings tears, you know and when I am halfway around the world and I can see a huge responsibility for me that hadn’t made them right, it hurts me.”

Baber said he always had the support from his loved ones in Wales.

“I got big support back in Wales through my mum and brother and they always encouraged me to keep going — keep paddling — you will get somewhere.

“They always tell me how much they love me and I have faith as well.”

He said he was honoured to work with the Fijian side for the world cup and was confident of a good outing in this year’s Rugby World Cup Sevens.

“I never thought of coaching Fiji and I only thought of playing against them.”

“And for me it’s a pleasure to stand side by side against some of the best athletes in the world and hope to create winning formula for the world cup.”

The players will have their last training run today as they prepare for their first game on Saturday night.

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