2018 Kaila Star Search: Top 15 contestants

Fiji Times general manager/publisher Hank Arts (centre) with Kaila! Star Search contestants during round two of the competition at Village six last Friday. Picture: ATU RASEA

WITH seven participants eliminated from the first Kaila! Star Search elimination round on Friday, event consultant Savuto Vakadewavosa has urged the remaining participants to consistently bring out their best going forward.

Vakadewavosa said competitors had to continue to lift their performances as the contest progressed, there was no room for laxity.

“For the 15 who are progressing, it’s going to get tougher because we only have 10 spots for the finals,” he said.

“Last Friday’s show was a step up from round one, we saw the contenders step up and they will have to continue bringing their A-game.

“All the 22 participants are talented and the 15 who are progressing are really good.

“It’s only the best who will make it through to the top 10 and you have to be better than good, you have to be exceptional to remain in the competition.

“I have to commend The Fiji Times and Hibiscus for creating this platform for kids to come and showcase their music talents and I urge the public to come out and support these kids.”

Finalist Pasemaca Koyaroi said she planned to improve her performance next week because she knew the competition would get tougher.

She said making it to the final 15 was something she had not expected.

“I think I can do better and I will make sure I give in my best next week,” she said. Sixteen-year-old Suva Grammar School student Adi Litea Volavola said being the youngest participant was a challenge.

“I know I am the youngest but that will not stop me from my aspiration to reach greater heights,” she said. “I know my capabilities and I know that I will have to improve myself and step up from where I am currently at.”

Top 15 Kaila Star Search contestants (in no particular order)
1. Jay and Tui
2. Kathleen Hill
3. Effy
4. Emosi Lagilagi
5. Lanieta Makosoi
6. Tuicakau Junior

7. Pasemaca Koyaroi
8. Adi Vuga Mere
9. Maraya Doleanauca
10. Adi Litea Volavola
11. Georgine Volavola
12. Sioeli Korovakaturaga
13. Anareta Batimala
14. Sainiana Vucukula
15. Marika Bosekoviti