2018 General Electoral: Senior citizen says more awareness needed to locate polling stations

Vishnu Deo ,82 holds his voter identification card after casting his vote at Tamavua Primary School in Khalsa Road this afternoon. Picture : ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

AFTER three hours of  searching for an old umbrella to protect him from the rain, Vishnu Deo of Tacirua finally managed to cast his vote at Tamavua Primary School.

The father of three was among hundreds of people that stood in line to cast their votes at the school this morning.

“At around 9am I was at Fiji Nursing School where I had cast my vote in the last general elections but when I got there they told me I was registered at Tacirua Primary School.

“But upon reaching Tacirua Primary School they told me that I will vote at Tamavua Primary School so that’s why I came here and finally cast my vote at around 12pm, so it took me three hours to find my polling station,” Mr Deo said.

For elderly people,  the 82-year-old said there was a need for more awareness on how to locate our registered polling stations because most aren’t familiar with using gadgets such as mobile phones.

“I had sacrificed one day of selling Indian sweets by the road side just to come and cast my vote. I hope that the new Government will be able to assist people like us,” Mr Deo said.

A total of 4,034 people were expected to cast their votes at Tamavua Primary School today.

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