2018 general elections: Voters need to know processes

Update: 5:29PM EVEN though election day is yet to be confirmed, there is still a need for voters to be prepared and knowledgeable on the election processes before a date is announced.

Electoral Commission chairperson Suresh Chandra today said every vote that would be cast on the day of elections would matter for the next four years and this was crucial.

He said every voter should have enough capacity to translate their choice or preference into the election result.

“The voter should not be threatened, intimidated or unduly influenced but rather should make a conscious decision based on their own analysis and preference,” Mr Chandra said.

“It is not for a politician to assume that, ‘yes, this is a voter who is my son and … he will vote for me’. 

“That is why we create such a systematic platform that once a voter is inside a polling station, they are devoid of any relationship, connection or bond.”

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