2018 General Elections: Unity Fiji reclaims candidate; one successful appeal

A TOTAL of 235 candidates will be contesting the 2018 General Elections.

The one additional candidate to the 234 released by the Fijian Elections Office this evening is a result of a successful appeal by Unity Fiji Party candidate Laitia Matalomani who was earlier disqualified by the FEO for not meeting the criminal conviction requirements.

In a statement released tonight by the Electoral Commission, its chairperson Suresh Chandra said the commission had considered an appeal by Mr Matalomani and a copy of the judgment from his criminal conviction that was furnished to the commission, and later verified through the Office of the Supervisor of Elections.

“The Electoral Commission further considered the submissions of the Supervisor of Elections following the receipt of the judgment from Mr Laitia Matalomani and the Electoral Commission has thereafter upheld the appeal,” Mr Chandra said.

The commission had also directed SOE Mohammed Saneem to add Mr Matalomani’s name to the list of approved candidates for the November 14 elections.

Mr Matalomani was among three of Unity Fiji provisional candidates who were earlier disqualified on grounds of bankruptcy and failing to meet the criminal conviction requirement.

According to party leader Savenaca Narube, the party only appealed for one applicant.

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