2018 General Elections: Slow start in Pacific Harbour

SAVIRIO Waqa of Lepanoni Setttlement is happy to have cast his vote at the Pacific Harbour Art Village Cultural Center today. Picture: ANA MADIGIBULI

VOTING process at the Pacific Harbour Arts Village Cultural Centre started slow this morning.


Out of the 1282 voters registered to cast their votes at the centre only 400 had cast their vote before noon.


Lepanoni settlement in Serua resident Savirio Waqa who cast his vote at the centre today said the process was alright, but getting to the centre was hard as buses weren’t providing bus services to the community.


“Last election we had free bus service provided to us so a lot of people turned up in numbers early. As you can see here not a lot of people are here to vote and they are slowly turning up at their polling station because of the bus problem,” he said.


“I hope that the candidate I’ve voted for will make a difference and  remember the communities that voted for him when he gets elected.”


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