2018 General Elections: Six more polling venues closed

Supervisor of Elections, Mohammed Saneem at a press briefing. Picture: LITIA CAVA/FILE

DUE to the adverse weather condition, six more  polling   venues have been  closed as they are no longer accessible for voters.

Supervisor of Election Mohammed Saneem confirmed this and said a total of 23 venues were now closed.

Mr Saneem said  the 7852  voters who have been affected would be given another chance to vote but at a later date.


Closed polling venues:

Navunivisavu Community Hall

Krishna Janaradhan School

Logani Community Hall

Maracaucau Community Hall

Nausori Community Hall

Gram Sangathan School


Natadradave FEO shed

Delakado FEO shed

Nasinu Community Hall

Turagabeci Primary School

Londoni Primary School

Naivicula District School


Korotale Mandir

Namuaniwaqa Primary School

Rewasasa Community Hall

Mataso Primary School

Raiwasa Community Hall


Nausori Technical School

Veisama Sanatan Dharam Primary School

Naqeledamu Village School


Nukutouciwa Village School

Central Division:

Naisogo Settlement FEO shed

Shantiniketan Primary School



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