2018 General Elections: Journalists ensure legitimacy as guardians of democracy – Prof Robie

2018 USP Journalism Awards keynote speaker Professor David Robie (left) presents a gift to the USP Journalism Programme Co-ordinator Dr Shailendra Singh during the awards ceremony on Friday night, October 19, 2018. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

NEXT month, Fiji faces a critically-important general election, the second since the return of democracy in this country in 2014.

These were the words of Professor David Robie, the director for the Pacific Media Center at Auckland University of Technology, as he urged governments in Fiji and the Pacific to take into account the important role journalists played during an election.

“Journalists are guardians of democracy and they have an important role to play in ensuring the legitimacy of both the vote and the result,” Prof Robie said.

He said this was important, especially for a country like Fiji who has been emerging from many years of political crisis.

“It is important that journalists play their part too with responsibilities as well as rights.”

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