2018 general elections: Campaign target voters’ confidence

Update: 6:14PM FIJIANS around the country will soon have the opportunity to clear their doubts on voting processes through the ‘Know Your Election’ awareness campaign that will take place for the next six weeks.

This extensive exercise will ensure all those eligible to vote are well versed on the steps to take when election day comes this year.

Electoral Commission chairperson Suresh Chandra said the 2018 general elections was a platform for Fijians to express their will with confidence, security, and freedom.

“At the end of this campaign, registered voters, potential voters and members of the public should know the role of the Fijian Elections Office, the role of the Electoral Commission, the electoral system, about voter registration, about the methods of voting, about how the counting of ballot papers is conducted, about the declaration of results and about the allocation of seats,” Mr Chandra said.

“To the people, we want you to know and understand that this is your election. Be confident when making a choice on the ballot paper. 

“We will ensure you have no reason to feel insecure. And you are free to make your own decisions.”

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