2018 General Election

I believe the Fijian Elections Office is doing an excellent job in following to the letter its job description in preparing Fiji for the scheduled 2018 General Election.

The Election Booklets have been published and distributed and last week, voters were told of the venue and time they could meet with officers from the Fijian Elections Office, if they still have any questions they need to be clarified.

Already there have been talks of having a live debate where election candidates from the various political parties could be heard by the public, before they cast their one vote.

As usual, I believe there are some prophets in the opposition forces who have been declaring that there will be no election in 2018.

According to the latest popularity survey or polls, if there was a general election held tomorrow, I believe the current FijiFirst Party leader and PM will be at the helm again for the next four years.

The million dollar question voters would love to ask and know is, “When will we have our 2018 General Election?”

The Fijian Elections Office have done their work and I believe Fiji will be really in the election mode when we get to know the actual general election dates for 2018!

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