2018 General Election: Wailea settlement voters make their votes count

People make their way Wailea Seventh Day Adventist Church hall in Wailea Settlement in Vatuwaqa to cast their votes this morning. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

A TOTAL of 1398 people are expected to cast their votes at Wailea Seventh Day Adventist Church hall is Wailea Settlement in Vatuwaqa today.

The current adverse weather conditions didn’t dampen people as they queued at the polling station to cast their votes.

Maria Naceva, 56 said she had come to vote because it was only chance for her to chose the Government she wanted.

“This day only comes after four years and this is our only chance to vote, if I miss this I will have to wait another four years.

“We hope that the next Government will assist us to relocate us because our houses are usually flooded during heavy rain,” she said.

Premila Devi, 56 said she hope that the next Government would continue the current initiatives to assist people with disabilities and the elderly.

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