2018 General Election: Votes for Unity ‘will not be lost’

Unity Fiji Party leader Savenaca Narube speaking to residents of Newtown in Nasinu on Thursday evening. Picture: ELIKI NUKUTABU

UNITY Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube says voters in next Wednesday’s general election will determine who is a big or small party.

In a statement issued by the party this week, Mr Narube said as the party rose in its relevance and popularity, the established parties had started saying that if voters voted for them (smaller parties), their votes would go to waste.

Mr Narube said this was an irrelevant issue and political parties who were saying that they were bigger because of the 2014 General Election should know that those results were now outdated.

“Unity Fiji is extremely confident that we will exceed the threshold of 5 per cent of votes.

“In fact, we are confident that we will even surpass the votes of established parties. Remember that new parties have won elections in Fiji and abroad,” he said.

The party has also assured voters that their votes for the party would not be lost.

“Our support across all of Fiji is growing every day. People welcome the breath of fresh air that we bring to the political scene.

“People are tired of old ideas and political rhetoric. They welcome the new ideas that we bring to solve our old problems.

“They embrace the knowledge and the experience that we bring to prevent the looming economic and financial crisis.”

He added that what was important to voters was what the parties could bring to them and not the size of the party.

“I urge voters to disregard this empty threat.

“Don’t let this stop you from choosing a more progressive and dynamic party that has the best leader to lead Fiji towards peace and prosperity,” he added.

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