2018 General Election: Voters unable to cast their votes

Serupepeli Tobe(left),Sairusi Matava outside the Matacaucau polling station earlier today. Picture: LITIA CAVA

MATACAUCAU village headman in Tailevu said that the Fijian Elections Office (FEO) must give  a manual list of names of voters to all village leaders.

Lote Madraitabua said this must be done in order to avoid confusions.

According to Mr Madraitabua, some of the villagers were registered to vote at Namalata village hall but they were unable to go to the polling station to  cast their vote on Wednesday due to the unfavorable weather condition.

He said today some had visited the village hall to cast their vote but they were advised otherwise.

Serupepeli Tobe and Sairusi Matava were among those who were unable to cast their vote today because of this issue.

The duo were registered to vote at Namalata community hall on Wednesday.

Mr Tobe said he thought he could cast his vote in any polling station considering that he was a registered voter.

Mr Matava echoed similar sentiments and said he was disappointed when he was advised that he would not be able to cast his vote.

A total of 271 voters were expected to cast their vote at Matacaucau village hall today.

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