2018 General Election: Villagers vote in hope of electricity

Voters line up outside the pre-polling station at Rewasau village in the Naitasiri highlands on Tuesday. Picture: JOVESA NAISUA

VILLAGERS in the interior of the Namosi Province lined up at their respective polling venues to cast their vote on Monday with the hope that the next government will supply them electricity.

Six villages in the interior of Namosi have no electricity supply. Naqarawai Village headman Iliesa Namasia said they hoped the next government would supply them electricity.

“I’m 36 years old and I’ve seen the struggles we go through without electricity. We have no idea what’s happening in the urban areas and we’ve taken our request to the bose ni tikina hoping there will be a change,” Mr Namasia said.

Wainimakutu Village headman Timoci Sarosaro hopes the newly-elected government will make a difference and consider the struggles of those who live in the interior of Namosi.

“We’ve seen electricity posts being cemented along the way, but the work hasn’t been completed and when we ask, they said it would be finished by December, but after a district meeting, we were informed that it will be completed by next year December,” Mr Sarosaro said.

Naraiyawa Village elder Waisale Lasekula said their village was the last village in the Namosi Province and they’ve been looking forward to have electricity supply.

“Development is taking place in urban areas, but we are left out here in the dark hoping to have 24-hour electricity because we only have generators and solar that we use for a few hours and we don’t have any idea with what’s happening with the government, news or sports update,” Mr Lasekula said.

Meanwhile, the pre-polling stations were based in four villages Namuamua, Naraiyawa, Wainimakutu and Naqarawai.

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