2018 General Election: Villagers cross treacherous waters

Waisava settlement residents make their way across the Wainibuka river to cast their votes at Namuaniwaqa Village School in Ra. Picture: Baljeet Singh

NARAU settlement resident Veniana Taka said some villagers had to cross treacherous waters to vote on Wednesday at Mataso District School in Ra.

“A lot of us walked in the rain or swam across rivers to come and vote. Only the weak and old couldn’t. They had to stay back in their homes,” she said.

“Even though a lot of us had to do what we could despite the rain we accept that everything is in God’s timing. “If it’s His will for us to come and vote again then we will have to come again,” she said.

Ms Taka was among a group of women who missed out on breakfast yesterday to board a Fijian Elections Office truck to get to Mataso District School.

She said it was a sacrifice they were willing to make.

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