2018 General Election: Village elder encourages villagers and youths to vote

Mr Ragogo at his home with a friend after casting their vote on Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Picture: LUKE RAWALAI

AS the eldest villager to cast his vote Navakawau Village on Taveuni, 78-year-old Ilikimi Ragogo says he had to vote today to contribute in electing the next leader for our country in the next four years.

Mr Ragogo said he had been encouraging his family members and youths in the village to exercise their right to vote.

He said there was no use complaining about a new government if people did not want to take part in the national election.

Known as ‘Small Book’, Mr Ragogo said the voting procedure during this year’s election was easy for senior citizens like him to follow, and he added that he was happy to be a part of this democratic process.

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