2018 General Election: Unity Fiji not formed to divide votes, says party leader

UNITY Fiji party leader Savenaca Narube said his party was not formed to divide the votes during this year’s general election.

He highlighted this during a meeting with villagers of Namuka in Nakelo, Tailevu last Friday night.

Mr Narube said he and a group of individuals had a discussion and had also analysed the Tebutt-Times poll that was usually published in The Fiji Times.

He said this discussion somehow prompted the team to establish a new political party.

Mr Narube said the team found that the support for the FijiFirst party, Social Democratic Liberal Party and National Federation Party had decreased over the past four years.

Mr Narube said the support for the ruling party had decreased immensely.

He claimed that the analysis stated that in 2014, the percentage of support for the FijiFirst party was about 59 per cent, but this dropped to 32 per cent this year.

He said according to his estimate, about 150,000 people had moved away from the party.

Mr Narube claimed that the same trend also applied to the two other political parties.

He said the question now would be focused on those voters who had diverted their attention from the three political parties.