2018 General Election: Saneem raises concerns on fake social media accounts

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has raised “serious” concerns about what he claims are derogatory comments made on a certain fake Facebook account.

Mr Saneem during a press conference in the past hour says he wishes Facebook could reveal the identity of the person behind the fake account.

He claims that the fake account had posted derogatory comments on social media about a particular community who voted for a particular political party.

Mr Saneem said such behaviour needed to be removed from the society.

“The person does not have the guts to come in front of us and speak,” he said.

“The swear words that were used against a particular community is so derogatory that I wish Facebook can reveal that identity of that person so that we know who that coward is hiding behind the fake profile swearing at the entire community for maybe voting for a particular party.”

*More updates to come in the next hour.

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