2018 General Election: Saneem pleads with voters

Supervisor of Elections Mohammed Saneem adresses the media during the press conference at the National Counting Centre yesterday. Picture: JONA KONATACI

SUPERVISOR of Elections Mohammed Saneem has pleaded with voters to wait for all the stations results to be entered to the Fijian Elections Office app before making a conclusive statement on the final results.

Mr Saneem made this comment after he raised concerns on numerous queries on social media about voters vote not present at polling stations.

“We still see on Facebook a lot of queries are being made, some rather publicly, about voters vote not present in polling stations at the polling venues please wait for all the stations results to be entered before you make a conclusive statement on this,” he said.

“There is a particular post where somebody said we are working on a polling station in Nadi and they recorded results for that station and they gave out the breakdown.”

Mr Saneem said the data entered into the FEO app was verifiable directly from polling stations results.

He also said that voters claim on social media had very little proof.

“Eventually when they saw the app they said the result had been altered subsequently when they loaded more results on to the app that has been proven wrong and that is to be the indication on everybody about the credibility about claims being made about the direct answer that is on the app.

“In fact the data is verifiable directly from polling stations results and right now there is very little to prove what a voter is claiming, remember it is a secret ballot so I can choose not to vote for somebody but still go and tell the person I voted for you,” he added.

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