2018 General Election: Naqarawai chief unhappy with 2018 election approach

Ratu Ilaisa Kuruibua. Picture: ERONI TUINUKU

NAQARAWAI Village chief Ratu Ilaisa Kuruibua says he is not happy with this year’s election and its approach towards villages in the Namosi province.

Ratu Ilaisa said they were in the dark and had no idea of whom to vote for because there had not been any campaign done in their region.

“I’m not happy with this election and how they approached us because in the last election, we were briefed by officials on how to vote and who are the candidates before the election date but this year, we haven’t had any campaign coming to our areas and we had no idea who to vote for because we didn’t receive any information prior to the scheduled date,” Ratu Ilaisa said.

“What happens if we tick the wrong number and what do we do, all these things have not been told to us on how to do it because there wasn’t any awareness done in our area before the election day.

“We don’t have electricity nor network where we can be updated with the election system.”