2018 General Election: Miriama votes for her grandchildren’s future

Miriama Cagivinaka, 61 after casting her vote today. Picture: ARIETA VAKASUKAWAQA

MIRIAMA Cagivinaka says the rise in cost of basic food items led them to survive on whatever root crops and vegetables on their farm.

The 61-year-old  was among hundreds of people that cast their votes in Logani village, Tailevu this morning.

“We can’t afford to buy our basic food items from the supermarkets because it’s expensive, we are surviving on whatever we have on our farm and what we sell in the market where we earn around $20. So we want a Government that will decrease the prices of basic food items.”

“I thank FEO for giving us the chance to vote again and an opportunity to make our votes count. All we want is a Government that will help elderly people like us who are into farming,” Ms Cagivinaka said.

She said she had chosen to vote this year for the sake of her grand children’s future.

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