2018 General Election: Labasa hotel worker acknowledges her duty to country

North Pole staff Nanise Salabogi back at work after she cast her vote today, Wednesday, November 14, 2018. Picture: TIMOCI VULA

HOTEL worker Nanise Salabogi is thankful to God that she lived to this day to perform a duty she deeply believes she is obligated to participate in as a citizen of this country.

Ms Salabogi, 54, a resident of Naodamu in Labasa, said she and her family had been looking forward to today to cast her vote, and excited that her children were now able to do the same too.

She said this was an important day for the people of Fiji as a whole because this was a way to have their voices heard in parliament at the right time.

Ms Salabogi said every citizen had a role to perform in the development of our nation.

The mother of three said for her, while she was still alive, she knew that she had a duty to her country.


Ms Salabogi also commended the smooth process of the voting process when she visited her polling station at Labasa College today.

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