2018 General Election: Health and well-being need for Nakalou women

Nakalou Village Women's Group president Maria Malasese speaks to Fiji Times Online. Picture: TIMOCI VULA

WOMEN of Nakalou Village in Macuata are urging health professionals particularly to visit their village and hold educational forums on health and well-being.

Nakalou Village Women’s Group president Maria Malasese said while they acknowledged the work of their village nurse, added that it would be even better if professionals in this field provided more in-depth knowledge that would benefit them greatly.

Speaking in her dialect to Fiji Times Online, Ms Malasese said the health of women in any village was important, given the responsibilities in taking care of their families.

She said women in her village had become more health-conscious, with dietary intake now largely sourced from their land and the sea, and less or nil dependent on processed food.

Ms Malasese said she believed that this shift in the kind of food they ate had largely contributed to what she had been observing, being the extended lifespan of their women.

She said for some years, they had noticed women, and men, dying young before the age of 50; and that had now changed to villagers living beyond 70 years old.