2018 General Election: Grandmother votes for decrease in basic food items

Buna Taina of Naganivatu on her way to fishing in Naitasiri on Saturday, November 17, 2018. Picture: JONACANI LALAKOBAU

WHILE people were busy casting their votes in Muaniweni Settlement, Naitasiri today, Buna Taina of Naganivatu village was fishing freshwater eels in nearby creeks in order to provide food on the table for her family.

The 51-year-old said she had already cast her vote on November 14 in one of the villages in the interior of Naitasiri.

“I really want change to help me and my family. Life is really hard nowadays even diving for freshwater mussels we have to pay license, this is something we never used to do before but then we don’t have any other choice.

“For the next Government that is coming, the least they can do is try to decrease the cost of basic food items, right now we are just surviving on whatever is available around us like freshwater eels in these nearby creeks,” Ms Taina said.

She said she also hoped that people would live peacefully if the next Government comes in.

“All I want is for people to live peacefully together in our society, no discrimination and we all enjoy the privileges from Government but on the other hand for iTaukies to freely access their natural resources without paying anything,” Ms Taina said.

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